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It was a pleasure working with Rafa. He has the technical skills to turn the designs I created into pixel perfect websites. I wouldn’t recommend any other front-end developer.

Marcos Serrano Graphic Designer

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My way of creating templates in WordPress

March 29th, 2013

For most themes I work with pages because it’s what the project needs, and rather than using shortcodes (which I consider too much like markup for the normal client) I create custom fields so it’s very easy for anyone to populate the content. This is the way I create templates with custom fields in WordPress.   

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Are you sure you want a “Rockstar” coder?

October 15th, 2012

A Rockstar, seriously? Illustration by Harriet Muller This morning in my daily routine of checking out job boards, I saw this ad saying something like: we are looking for a front-end developer, rockstars only please, and I thought: are you sure of that? I mean rockstars are well known to be spoilt unreliable misbehaved individuals,   

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Migrating WordPress: the easy way

April 26th, 2012

Working with WordPress there’s one thing that is tricky, that is migrating domain names. The Db in WordPress uses serialized data, which basically means that changing strings is not straight forward because MySQL counts the number of characters in each string and saves the value. WordPress stores the site’s URL and the server’s path into   

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